Welcome,  I‘m tanya tory, Founding Director of the ripple effect endeavor

“ "I help visionary entrepreneurs and passionate leaders transform their aspirations into reality through strategic planning, empathetic leadership development.

"I empower leaders and entrepreneurs to forge a legacy of positive impact, blending life and career success with personal fulfillment.

 My approach fosters tangible transformations, harmonizing self-care with professional growth for a sustainable work-life balance.

As a catalyst for change, I guide clients to become their own Ripple Effect, creating lasting influence and heartfelt satisfaction in both their personal and business spheres."

Why Am I Qualified To Do This Work?

Professional Biography

With a dynamic blend of leadership and business coaching expertise, I bring over 20 years of diverse professional experience to guide ambitious individuals and organizations towards their highest potential. I am a credentialed Leadership and Business Coach, currently engaged in a continuous learning journey through the Australian Institute Of Coaching, acquiring a spectrum of credentials from a Level 1 Practitioner to a Level IV Accredited Professional Coach.

My coaching style is deeply rooted in my core values—authenticity, compassion, and a commitment to personal growth. Clients who choose to work with me appreciate a partnership grounded in mutual values, where the full spectrum of their character is embraced and celebrated. My approach is holistic and altruistic, ensuring that I am fully invested in each client's journey, navigating together through their transformative paths.

Character Benefits 

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I also possess extensive qualifications in diverse fields ranging from Education & Community Services and Youth Work to Hospitality Management, underscoring my adaptability and broad insight. My entrepreneurial skills are honed through years of managing and building businesses, with a particular focus on positive psychology and behavioral support.

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My life's work is dedicated to building effective relationships, facilitating strength-based community initiatives, and promoting sustainable practices. Join me in embracing a journey of strategic growth and personal empowerment, tailored uniquely to your professional and personal aspirations.

My Story

Looking for your tribe? 

I stand with the overlooked leaders, the lone wolves at the helm, and the visionaries wrestling with burnout. You, who juggle the mantle of leadership with the heart of an advocate, innovator, and sometimes, an introvert in an extroverted world. My own story echoes your journey—fighting for hope, advocating for love, and paving a path toward a brighter future for ourselves and the generations to follow.

I'm seeking YOu who are a Catalyst for Change

In my work, my priority lies in aligning with individuals and teams that have a sense of shared passion. I'm a staunch advocate for embracing authenticity with confidence and vibrancy. My approach is one of centeredness, authenticity, care, consideration, and compassion. With a wealth of personal experiences, I bring forth assertiveness and offer validation and clarity in guiding your direction. 

1. Clarity: Aiming for crystal-clear direction and transformative approaches paves the way for profound change.

2. Curiosity: Infusing each project and interaction with genuine curiosity ignites innovation and openness.

3.. Connection Aligned Commitment: My content mirrors my deep commitment to my clients and their aspirations.

4. Constructive Contrast: I harness the potency of contrast to engineer meaningful and lasting transformation.

5. Certainty: Navigating life's hurdles with clarity and certainty is key, established through effective communication and well-crafted tonality.

6. Community: I wholeheartedly endorse building and nurturing communities, acknowledging their power in collective growth and support.

Results of becoming your own hero 

As you embark on your journey of growth and renewal, remember that you're never alone. I stand ready to guide you, leveraging my experiences and expertise to help you surmount challenges, redefine your path, and craft a future of empowerment and triumph. Together, we'll unveil the hero within you and rewrite your story for a brighter chapter ahead.

Impact of a change maker 

I transformed my life's battles into a roadmap for change, not just for myself, but for others who yearn to be the change they seek in the world. Now, as your ally and guide, I help you navigate the delicate balance of professional drive and personal wellbeing, turning self-doubt into self-compassion, and isolation into influence.

Together, we will validate your efforts and illuminate your path to recognition. We will transform every challenge into a stepping stone towards a life of profound meaning—the life you are meant to lead, and the impact you are destined to make.

Start Your Journey Now!

This journey is for the dedicated change-makers, the leaders poised on the brink of action, who recognize the urgent need to break the cycles of the past. As a leadership coach, I have borne witness to the scars left by societal strains and the transformative power of compassionate support. 

If you resonate with the drive to mend, to stand up, to lead with empowerment, then your place is here, alongside us. Let's unite to transform individual potential into collective strength. As a leadership coach who’s witnessed the enduring marks of adversity and the healing balm of empathy, I invite you to join a fellowship of change-makers.

Click below to start transforming your legacy into one of positive impact.

Step forward with me, and together, let’s build a future enriched by understanding and human dignity. Your journey towards profound leadership transformation starts now.


"To create a world where individuals are empowered to reach their full potential through personal and professional development, fostering a ripple effect of positive change."


"At The Ripple Effect Endeavor, our mission is to provide high-quality coaching and marketing services that inspire individuals and businesses to unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. We believe in the power of brave authentic relationships to connect with our clients and create meaningful change in their lives."


"At The Ripple Effect Endeavor, we are guided by a set of core values that shape everything we do. These values include autonomy, integrity, passion for purpose, prosperity, awareness in action, positive affirmation, consistency, foundational strength & grit, collaboration, empowerment, practice, professional stance, and success for personal growth. These values form the foundation of our commitment to our clients and our dedication to fostering positive change in the world."

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What They Say About Tanya Tory's Coaching & Consultancy 


"Personally, I am very satisfied with Tanya's coaching services. She always provides valuable advice on effective communication, which has greatly benefited my business endeavors.

Tanya's guidance has helped me navigate complex situations with clarity and confidence, and I'm grateful for her support.

I highly recommend her coaching program to anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills and achieve their goals."


Founder Of Purpose with Prarthana Coaching 

My experience with Tanya was quite fulfilling !

As a new coach, I've faced some challenges navigating through the overwhelming options to grow my coaching skills and Tanya was able to gracefully help me reflect and elicit my own insights which ultimately created more clarity for me to take actions. Through her shared experiences as a coach, I felt more empowered to say the least as I'm only starting to write the first chapters of my own journey !

Emily K NL 

Founder of Authencoach & Real Estate Agent 

Just wanted to thank you for the great session we had.

It was really insightful and got me into a surge of energy to explore more of my creative side. Thank you so much for the time and your active listening, besides providing ample space for a great discussion on certain areas which I think would definitely help me as I move forward. I appreciate your nature of giving in to empowering people.

Lots of love 

❤️ Be in Touch . 

Stay blessed ❤️

Seira Salim 

Life Strategist Coach & Vocalist 

In just one session I have felt nurtured and held safely enough to really open up to my highest potential.

I felt heard and deeply understood which enabled me to draw out my own innate wisdom as well as the experience and knowledge that I already have.

I really appreciated the gentleness and trust that I felt during the session.

I have left feeling inspired and reminded of what is already present. Big tasks feel manageable and I know the steps I want to take to create the vision and outcomes that I am hoping for. I feel connected to my purpose again.

And to the skills and tools that I can share with the world.

Thank you.

Leona Johnson 

Founder and Director of Live Wild CIC, Eco Therapist 

Interesting Facts About Me...

Emerging from a past marred by scarcity and silence, I became my hero, turning wounds into wisdom. My life—a testament to resilience—fuels my mission to kindle dignity in families touched by generational trauma.

As your leadership coach, I champion a future where compassion reignites the core of community, fostering environments rich with love and positive affirmation.

Join me, and together, let’s be the agents of change our children deserve. Let's inspire a world where each action weaves a legacy of empathy, shaping a tomorrow graced with autonomy and dignity.

If my journey resonates, if you yearn to uplift and empower, I call on you—let’s unite in this purposeful quest.

Start your transformative journey and become a beacon of hope with me, with The Ripple Effect Endeavor.