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Creating A Life You Love: Coaching For Happiness And Fulfillment

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June 13


"The Resilient Leader's Voyage: Navigating Through Life’s Storms"

Embark on 'The Resilient Leader's Voyage', a transformative coaching experience designed to steer you through life's tumultuous waters and into the harbor of your full potential. Join Tanya Tory, acclaimed coach and seasoned navigator of life’s challenges, as she takes you on an epic journey of self-cultivation and leadership enlightenment at events across Australia.

Tanya's unique approach weaves her personal odyssey—a testament to the unwavering spirit of resilience and determination—with practical strategies that promise to unlock the leader within you. Her tale is not merely a narrative of survival but an inspiring chronicle of reclamation and triumph, which will resonate with anyone looking to emerge stronger and more focused from life’s trials.

As a single mother who pivoted back into the workforce and academia amidst a world shaken by a pandemic, Tanya transformed her struggles into a source of strength, not only for herself but for her family and now, for you. In her speech 'The Odyssey of Self-Cultivation', she shares the saga of facing adversity head-on, embodying autonomy and dignity, and reassembling the fragments of a scattered life into a cohesive portrait of hope.

Set sail with Tanya as she guides you through rediscovering the purest gold of your spirit on this voyage. Whether you are seeking to invigorate your business acumen, elevate your leadership potential, or simply find your footing after personal upheaval, Tanya's insights will illuminate the path to your true north.

Join us for this life-altering event and chart a course towards your personal and professional zenith. The journey begins now—are you ready to become the resilient leader you're destined to be?

June 29


"Navigating the Seas of Business Leadership" 

"The Odyssey of Self-Cultivation: Unlocking Your Business and Leadership Potential".

Join us on an inspiring journey as we embark on "Navigating the Seas of Business Leadership" across Queensland and New South Wales. Led by Tanya Tory, renowned business coach and author of "A ship A Hoy Me hardy," this event series combines dynamic presentations with interactive workshops to unlock your full potential as a leader in the business world.

In "The Odyssey of Self-Cultivation," Tanya, will delve into the critical alignment model for business success and masterful techniques for enhancing interpersonal skills. Drawing from the rich metaphor of the ship context, we will explore who is on our ship with us and how we can effectively engage, communicate, maintain, support, and encourage each other on the journey to business success and leadership excellence.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or aspiring leader, this event promises to equip you with practical strategies, insightful wisdom, and actionable steps to navigate the ever-changing seas of business with confidence and resilience. Don't miss this opportunity to set sail towards your fullest potential! Be ready and willing to up you anchor and set to sea for the voyage of a lifetime. 

Secure your spot today and embark on a transformative voyage towards business success and leadership mastery. Aye, aye, captain!

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